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Pest Control Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to Search Optimize your website, the first thing we need to know is what the three top geographic areas you provide services for, and want to show up in search results for when someone queries a service you offer combined with that geographic area.

Example Search Query: Atlanta Pest Control

The first step we’ll do is run a Rank Check to see where your site shows up in results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search for the services you offer combined with each geographic area.

Then, we will analyze those results and begin making on-page improvements to the TEXT CONTENT of the site that will help tell the search engines what your site is really about and what you’d like to show up in search results for. To do this we do several things:

  1. Create a good HTML PAGE TITLE for each page of the site, with a high keyword density. We are limited to 65 characters per page for this. The page title is what displays in the browser tab at the top of your browser, it does not display on the site itself.
  2. Create a good keyword dense META DESCRIPTION for each page. The meta description is often the sentence that is displayed below a link to your site in search results and tell the search bot what the page is about. A single good sentence is best for this. This is not visible to site users, but is visible to bots via the source code of the site.
  3. Edit the existing TEXT CONTENT on each page to be more keyword dense for that pages subject + the geographic areas you serve. Arrange the text content in a search friendly DOCUMENT STRUCTURE that utilizes headings separated by paragraphs, which is the Google recommended spec.
  4. If there is not already an XML sitemap, we’ll create one and add it to the site file set. This is not visible to the user, but the search bot uses it as a map to make sure it indexes all of the pages of your site.
  5. If your site does not already include Google Analytics to track statistics about site visitors we’ll add it.

It can take anywhere from just a few minutes to over an hour to search engine optimize a page depending on the difficulty of generating content for the subject of the page.

The average time per page is about 45mins. For SEO we charge our regular hourly rate of $65/hr logged in 15 minute increments. You can always opt to have only certain important pages optimized and spread out the cost over time if you like. Once we have optimized the pages you want done, we’ll need to wait for the search bot to crawl and re-index your site, then we can run a rank check again and see the results of the optimization efforts.

NOTE: since search results are generated by an algorithm, we cannot guarantee specific results, but by applying the SEO techniques that have been shown to be successful, a site almost always gets better visibility in search results.


Try to get as many links to point to your site as possible. If a lot of links from other sites point to yours, the search engines are forced to recognize it as an important source of information for the keywords it finds in your site. Ask everyone you can to link to your site.


Let us know if you want to get started. Please contact our office to setup an account. At that time, please give us the three main geographic areas that you’d like to increase your visibility on search engines.