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Testimonials: Comments from our Customers.

The following are some notes and comments that we have received from our valued customers from coast to coast. We are committed to making every project a success and we are always happy to get feedback.

"best marketing investment I could have made..."

I want to thank you guys for the great work you did on our website. By far this has been the best marketing investment I could have made. The value of your services is fantastic and I appreciate your willingness to get our website exactly how we wanted it. Thanks again.

Ryan Aakre CP

"...our sales have doubled!"

Thank you and your staff at Porterware for your outstanding efforts and accomplishments on the development of our website, www.ShrubCoat.com.

It was a pleasure working with you on the project. Your expertise in web development, insight and innovative ideas, and ability to incorporate our video into the website made for a seamless transition for our company and our customers. We now have a great looking, user friendly, secure and reliable website, with room to grow.

We couldn't be more pleased with the results and our sales have doubled! Thank You!!

Joyce Bakowski, President
Shrubcoat, Inc.
Clarence, New York

"I was able to do 80-90% of my estimates online..."

I wanted to send this message to let you know how valuable the quick aerial calculator is. When I started using it last year, I was able to do 80-90% of my estimates on line with the measuring tool. Living in Michigan, it’s hard to get out in January or February to do an estimate when there’s 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground; I was amazed at how accurate the measurements were. This tool has been so valuable in the sense of how much time and money (GAS), that it’s been able to save me. It’s also pretty cool when you are talking to a potential customer on the phone and you let them know that you are going to do an aerial estimate, they’re really impressed. There are a small percentage of properties that have been hard to measure due to excessive tree cover, but overall it’s been great!

Thanks Again,
Bill Flowers
Scream’n Green
Lawn Fertilization & Tree Care
Rochester Hills, MI

"...tired of paying "OUTRAGEOUS" yellow page advertising"

We were tired of paying "OUTRAGEOUS" yellow page advertising fees when we stumbled upon your company. What an opportunity you have developed a program where we could change our site add & modify as well as the creation of the library you developed for our region. We saw that sales for advertising went through the roof compared to the phone book. You also convinced me that the up & coming group of homeowners were computer savvy and would Google or you other search engines to seek us out. What a service you provide!

John Shipp, President
Artistic Landscape Designs, Inc.
Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ

"I couldn't be more happy..."

I just had to drop you an email and let you know that you and your crew did an amazing job. I couldn't be more happy with the way the website turned out. Don't forget to add your guys link in the useful links tab. Once again Thank You, and everyone else's hard work on my site. I hope I can send more buisness your way.

Daniel Villalpando
Greenstone Landcare
Chula Vista, CA

"Top of the page in google searches is outstanding!"

We are so pleased with the design, purpose and functionality of our web site! Our web site gives us advantages our competitors will never enjoy. The fact the site is sales oriented is huge! The request a quote function on the first page to capture essential customer information works like a champ! Top of the page in goggle searches is outstanding! The landscape aerial lot calculator saves time and money and enables us to sell jobs right over the phone on the first call.

Landscaper Website’s periodic follow up, updates and recommendations made keep us ahead of the competition. In today’s market, a web site that custom fits a business is key to success. During our season, we get 5-10 leads a day from the website. I don’t know how we would function without it.

Cary McCallum, Owner
Level Lawns
Atlanta, GA